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Article: [Almost Famous Shop] is now open.

【Almost Famous Shop】オープンしました。

[Almost Famous Shop] is now open.

2022.11.18 fri

Almost Famous Shop

We were able to open it safely.

My name is Nakamura and I direct Almost Famous Shop.

I have been building a career in apparel for about 10 years, and was able to realize one of my dreams that I had always wanted to achieve someday.

I'll be writing more about my profile soon.

However, we are relieved that we are now open.

Planning for this project started in August of this year.

I was a bit busy with not much time to prepare, but I managed to aim for November.

Thanks to the cooperation of many people, one of my dreams has come true.

I haven't been able to express even 20% of what I want to do yet, but I want to improve it even further and make things that are interesting and satisfying to me one step at a time.

As for the name Almost Famous Shop, when I was planning this launch, I was looking for something to come up with and saw a movie that I hadn't seen in a while, which inspired me to name it.

The original title of my favorite work, ``When I Was With Penny Lane'' is ``Almost Famous,'' which means ``on the verge of breaking out'' or ``almost famous.''

I decided on it because I thought it matched what I was trying to do, and it had a nice understated feel.

I would like to create a place where I can share what I create, my ideas, what I like, people who have helped me, work with interesting and cool people, and share new things.

It's still the first step, but I'll continue to work hard, so I'd be happy if you could look at it with warm eyes. (I would be even happier if you could buy it from time to time)

Thank you once again to everyone who worked so hard to launch this project !

And we look forward to your continued support! !

Almost Famous Shop

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