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Article: [Inspired by ROCK MUSIC.] Fascinated by Rock.

【Inspired by ROCK MUSIC.】Rockに魅せられて。

[Inspired by ROCK MUSIC.] Fascinated by Rock.

[Almost Famous Shop] Sweatshirt Collection

It's been almost 20 years since I became fascinated with the music called rock.
Even in the field of fashion, the music we listen to is strongly reflected, and it has become a culture that is expressed in everything from our style, to the things we make, to the way we express ourselves.

You can kind of tell if someone likes Rock just by looking at them, even if you don't talk to them.

We have created a collection that incorporates this culture into graphics and expresses it through embroidery and prints!



The phrase ``Almost Famous'' is taken literally from the title of a movie.
The work is titled ``Those Days with Penny Lane'' and has many fans in the fashion world.

If you don't know, please check it out! It is a work that captures the bittersweet feeling of youth.
Now, we incorporated the catchy phrase "Famous" from Almost Famous Shop into the logo design.

Create a three-dimensional expression using a technique called Sagara embroidery.
It's a technique that blends well with American casual style, and is commonly used for patches on stadium jackets.

Available in 2 colors.

CHARCOAL wears size 3 and IVORY wears size 4.


When you hear this, don't some passersby turn around, shake their bodies, and shake their heads?
I watched Blur, who headlined the 2023 Summer Sonic, and it was burned into my memory, and I danced and sang along with my eyes welling up.

A design inspired by such a famous song.


I incorporated it into the college logo.
Moreover, it uses a vintage-like flocky print.

Flocky print is a technique that is created by pressing felt-like materials together.
I chose this technique to express the feel of a vintage college sweatshirt.

I think it created an atmosphere similar to what the members of blur wore in the 90s.


AFS [Supersonic] C/N SWEAT ¥9,900(TAX IN)

Oasis was not just a Britpop band, but one of Britain's strongest rock bands.
I wanted this design to be a slightly twisted version of that famous song, and expressed it in that same font and color.
I kept thinking that it would be good if people who understand it understood.

Two colors: BLUE and CHARCOAL.
The logo has that coloring.

Pair it with adidas ATP or something and you'll get a much more Britpop feel.

Feeling like Manchester.

You can also enhance the British mood with checked slacks.

There are various cultural perspectives, but the design is catchy, so regardless of whether you're a man or a woman, or whether you like music or not, it's a good idea for people to adopt it without thinking, "Oh, that's right."

He said that it is an item that has a story behind it and is filled with such feelings.

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Almost Famous Shop

A lineup that comprehensively embodies the various cultures that the director has been influenced by, including music, movies, graphics, art, and of course fashion.
With the keyword "POP feel", we combine and mix many elements to create items.

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