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Article: New Launch!! [Seymour.]

New Launch!!【Seymour.】

New Launch!! [Seymour.]

A new brand [Seymour.], designed by the director of Almost Famous Shop, has been launched.
It was born from the desire to present the culture, design, and style that have influenced me so far in as plain and straightforward a form as possible.

A minimal debut collection that includes sweatshirts, long T-shirts, tote bags, caps, and (not yet in stock) pants. These were created as Seymour. icons.

We hope you look forward to future developments, but first we will briefly introduce each item.

18oz super thick super heavy ounce sweatshirt.

An iconic item with a simple brand logo printed on it.
Choose from three colors: OATMEAL, GREEN, and BLACK.
The color scheme is inspired by a certain American outdoor brand, adding a playful touch.
The heavy material is also symbolic, and while it is tough, the design is casual and simple.

Seymour.'s concept is to create casual items that can be worn by both men and women, so you can choose the size you like and wear it in your own way.

Ribbed hem easy pants with simple specifications.

Lightweight with nylon material.
An excellent item that is smooth and comfortable to wear and suitable for all seasons.
We selected nylon material to make it easy to wear and give it a trendy look.
There are 3 colors: IVORY, GRAY, and BLACK.

The brand logo is embroidered around the thigh.
Just one point will give you a mature atmosphere.

It has just the right amount of room, but the ribbed hem creates a beautifully tapered silhouette.
It is easy to match with a wide range of styles.

A sturdy heavy ounce canvas tote.

The size is extra large.
BIG canvas tote.

There is also a zip pocket on the inside.

It is said that large can also be small, and I personally love large tote bags.
Before you know it, the number of tote bags has increased in your closet.
It's a large item that fits well, so it's easy for both men and women to carry.

10oz thick heavy ounce long sleeve.

I don't think there are many T-shirts made of such thick fabric.
Personally, I think it's thicker and firmer than American brands like PRO CLUB and CAMBER.
There are 3 colors: WHITE, GRAY, and NAVY.

The neck area is also super sturdy.
We also paid attention to the color scheme of the logo to give it a sense of authenticity.

As shown in the image on the lower right, size 4 is quite long and can be worn like a dress, so depending on the size you choose, you can wear it with a wide variety of styles.

Lastly, we will be introducing all the basic caps with embroidery.

An item that becomes an icon with the brand logo embroidered on it.
Colors are BLUE and BLACK.

This is a popular item in the Seymour. lineup.
In particular, BLUE matches recent trends and is perfect as an accent color.

The slightly silly phrase "A Golden God." is expressed in impressive coloring.
The phrase was borrowed from the phrase "I am a Golden god!!!" uttered in a scene from the movie "When Penny Lane."
If you are interested, please take a look.

The coloring is also based on the good old American brand.
In fact, this item is Seymour.'s most popular (!!!) item.

An embroidered cap with "Parklife", Seymour.'s brand theme.
What is Parklife? I think there are many people who think so, but as stated in the concept, we are thinking about moving away from systematic convenience and valuing ``kindness'' and ``freedom.''
It also plays on the famous song ``Parklife'' by the British rock band ``blur,'' which is the origin of the Seymour. brand name.
Therefore, it is recommended for those who like blur, Western music, and rock.

It has a catchy design, so I would definitely recommend you to use it.

This is roughly what it looks like, and it's a relatively wide lineup for a debut season.
The designs and plans for spring/summer items have already been completed, so please look forward to it!

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