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Article: 【the best offers】The best and best quotation

【the best offers】最善かつ最高のお見積り

【the best offers】The best and best quotation

Lately, I've often thought that when it comes to what we want to wear, there are very few people with whom we can speak a common language.

Hello, this is Nakamura.

Almost Famous Shop was able to open safely.
I am relieved and have received many happy responses, so I will continue to work even harder.

Now, let's talk about the new project [the best offers] that will be debuting at the same time as the launch of Almost Famous Shop.

With the launch of Almost Famous Shop, the project ``the best offers'' was born out of director Nakamura's offer to Ryu Kamiya, a freelance planner who works with a wide variety of fashion brands.
The two are of the same age and are former colleagues.
When we first became interested in fashion, America, which was a place of admiration, was flooded with ridiculously honest advertising graphics like this motif.
From 2020, when an unprecedented pandemic broke out, to the present, we have had more opportunities to think about our lives = how we live these past few years. This design was born out of a desire to reconstruct and express the admiration for sometimes absurd symbols.
The brand name, which means the best and best estimate, reflects our hope that our design aspirations will be the best for those who use our products.

A man named Ryu Kamiya runs his own brand and also works in design and planning for various brands and select shops in Japan.

I worked with him for about 2 and a half years, and we've only known each other for about 4 or 5 years (I thought it would be that long when I was writing it myself), but he influenced me a lot, and I've always known him. I feel like we only talked about it.

Honestly, I've never met someone I could talk to about clothes and movies like this.

“That, that feeling.”
“Oh, that’s it.”
They say they can generally understand each other.

Even when I quit my previous job and was going through the motions, I always wanted to work with him.

This time, we started with a simple consultation, asking him, ``What do you want to do?'' and what we ended up with was ``the best offers.''

the best offers "tbo LOGO" 12.0oz C/N SWEATSHIRT ¥13,200

It's a difficult concept to write about, but the point is that he got the idea from me saying, ``I got an offer for the first time in a few years,'' and it's a humorous name that's typical of him.

I think he's the same way, but I've watched a lot of movies, listened to music, and read magazines since I was a student.
I bought a lot of clothes.
Especially lots of used and vintage clothing.
I also pass high-end brands. (I only have a little)

And then there's the coronavirus pandemic, and I've really been thinking about a lot of things over the past few years.

One thing that has been stuck in my mind for a long time is a scene from a movie I watched back then.

I ended up getting back there.

The style of the heroes and heroines that appear in those movies, the advertisements from that era, graphics, photographs...I'm really drawn to things like that, and I try to express those kinds of scenes myself.

I hope that with [the best offers] I can create the ideals and aspirations that I am still searching for.

The sweatshirt has really cool graphics too! !
It feels like you've seen it somewhere before, yet it's fresh and cool.
There are 5 types in total.

I started with sweatshirts, but I'm thinking of making clothes and goods as well.

I really want many people to wear it.

Because I'm filled with passionate feelings.

Almost Famous Shop

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【Almost Famous Shop】オープンしました。

[Almost Famous Shop] is now open.

2022.11.18 fri Almost Famous Shop We were able to open it safely. I was a bit busy with not much time to prepare, but I managed to aim for November. Thanks to the coopera...

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