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AFS "Taco & Chill" 12.0oz C/N SWEATHOODIE

SKU: AFS-70-0008-22-D-002-SBE
Sale price¥13,200 JPY

ITEM CODE: AFS-70-0008-22-D


Souvenir goods from Taco & Chill, a fictional taco shop run by three generations of Mexican Americans in San Francisco.

The logo design printed on the left chest is also used as a signboard and is familiar in San Francisco.

In the hilly city of San Francisco, tourists and local residents alike come to this taco shop to enjoy spicy tacos and dry ginger ale.

[travel / travel]

Started working as a freelance illustrator/travel designer in 2019.
He has a reputation for his pop and catchy touch created from his unique sensibilities after returning from America, as well as his illustrations with clever concepts.
In addition to providing illustrations and logo designs and product direction for popular shops in and around Tokyo, he also handles POP for major select shops, as well as product planning and event production.

12.0oz sturdy sweat body.

SIZE Length Width shoulder width Sleeve Length (cm)
2 69 55 50 61
3 72 58 53 62
Four 75 61 56 63

Material: Main body 75% cotton, 25% polyester
Lining: None (fleece lining)
Elasticity: Yes
Glossiness: None
Fabric thickness: thick

*Please refer to the studio image for the color of the product.
* Regarding the color of the product, the actual color may look different from the image depending on your PC monitor environment. Please be aware of this before placing your order.
* Images taken in-store or outside may look brighter than the actual product due to lighting conditions.

AFS "Taco & Chill" 12.0oz C/N SWEATHOODIE
AFS "Taco & Chill" 12.0oz C/N SWEATHOODIE Sale price¥13,200 JPY


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