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Hey, sugar. "EMBROIDERY" CAP

SKU: HSG-95-0026-23-A-009-BEG
Sale price¥6,600 JPY

ITEM CODE: HSG-95-0026-23-A

Hey, sugar. "EMBROIDERY" CAP

A basic cap with logo embroidery.
We have created a design that is easy to incorporate into a wide range of coordination.

【Hey, sugar .】

"Sugar" has the meaning of love or a loved one, and the graphics reflect the desire to send a gift to your precious family and friends.
We have designed items for women with the motto "not too sweet, not too flashy".

SIZE height Around the head spit - (cm)
F 11.5
53-60 7 -

Material: Main body 100% cotton
Lining: None
Elasticity: None
Glossiness: None
Fabric thickness: normal

*Measurement values ​​are measured when placed flat. Please note that there may be some differences from the actual product.

*The color of the photographed image may look different depending on the lighting conditions.
Also, the color may appear different depending on your PC monitor environment. Please be aware of this before ordering.

* Regarding care
Please avoid soaking and washing or leaving it wet.
Please do not use any kind of bleach.
Please avoid tumble drying.
Please use a pressing cloth when ironing.
*For product handling, please refer to the handling instructions attached to the product.
Please check before use.

Hey, sugar. "EMBROIDERY" CAP
Hey, sugar. "EMBROIDERY" CAP Sale price¥6,600 JPY

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