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the best offers "tbo LOGO" 12.0oz C/N SWEATSHIRT

SKU: TBO-70-0017-22-D-002-NVY
Sale price¥13,200 JPY

ITEM CODE: TBO-70-0017-22-D

the best offers

The BASIC LOGO graphic is the face of [the best offers].
It's simple but somehow nostalgic. The design makes you think of a certain scene.

``The best offers'' is a project that was born with the launch of Almost Famous Shop.

Directed by Mr. Kamiya, who runs his own brand ``ALONE'' and also works as a freelance planner at major select shops and Urahara domestic brands.
Through the filter of his deep knowledge of American culture, he has translated culture that our generation can relate to into five types of graphics.


When we first became interested in fashion, America, which was a place of admiration, was flooded with ridiculously honest advertising graphics like this motif.
From 2020, when an unprecedented pandemic broke out, to the present, we have had more opportunities to think about our lives = how we live these past few years. This design was born out of a desire to reconstruct and express the admiration for sometimes absurd symbols.
Best Offer is the best and best quote in English.
We hope that our design aspirations will be the best for those who use our products.

SIZE Length Width shoulder width Sleeve Length (cm)
2 69 55 50 61
3 72 58 53 62
Four 75 61 56 63

Material: Main body 75% cotton, 25% polyester
Lining: None (fleece lining)
Elasticity: Yes
Glossiness: None
Fabric thickness: thick

*Please refer to the studio image for product color.
* Regarding the color of the product, the actual color may look different from the image depending on your PC monitor environment. Please be aware of this before placing your order.
* Images taken in-store or outside may appear brighter than the actual product due to lighting conditions.

the best offers "tbo LOGO" 12.0oz C/N SWEATSHIRT
the best offers "tbo LOGO" 12.0oz C/N SWEATSHIRT Sale price¥13,200 JPY


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